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Healing Sexual Hurt
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About Us

About Us

Here’s my fascinating journey into the world of helping people in sexual pain…

35 Years ago, I decided to study as much as possible about abortion since it was the hottest topic in America. As I privately counseled and publicly spoke about it, I realized that my message was full of truth but not much grace. I became an expert in helping women to emotionally heal from their abortion which they regretted -- but I soon discovered that I also needed to learn so much more.

I began to hear people share their heart-wrenching stories as we spoke about their life experiences.  Yes, some chose abortion out of personal or situational convenience but a lot of women eventually confided in me about their painful childhood sexual trauma. It was unwanted and so very unpleasant. Some were molested, some were raped. They were trying to regain or prove their femininity because they didn’t feel very feminine after their sexual abuse. They wanted to feel that they were desirable because they didn’t feel very desirable after their sexual assault. Some of these girls engaged in casual sex to deaden their pain or cope with these memories and they ended up getting pregnant as a result. It wasn’t always as a result of their being loose and easy but sometimes, it was a result of their being hardened and hurt. I had to go back to the drawing board and learn a lot more about a lot of other topics. Sometimes, a few brief moments can drastically change someone’s life and usually, it’s not for the better. However, God heals the broken-hearted…

Over the past 35 years, my originally targeted field of abortion counseling has widened and broadened to also include all the other sexual topics, hurts, pains, aches and memories now found on this website.  I speak with women – and men – who were sexually molested. I have met with their offenders as well. I’ve helped younger and older women who were raped and I’ve spoken with those who victimized them. I’ve counseled men – and women – who watch too much porn and now struggle with their addiction. I’ve met with couples in which one gave into nearby sexual temptation and cheated on their partner. I’ve met with married couples in which one simply emotionally refuses to have sex with their partner. I’ve counseled those who experience same-sex attraction and who struggle with their gender identity.

Most counselors, speakers or organizations happen to specialize in only one particular topic above. I happen to specialize in all types of sexual hurt, injustice, pain, trauma, memories - not just in one area. My Doctorate of Ministry Degree was awarded in Preaching/Counseling with my dissertation in all these. In addition to confidential counseling, I’ve also conducted Church Staff Seminars and Retreats along with Workshops and Conferences for Ministry Leaders and Church Staff Members.  Yes, there is someone who is approachable, competent and compassionate so that you can easily open up to someone who isn’t embarrassed to hear or talk about your sexual secrets and hurts…

I hope you find what you’re looking for on this unique and different website and that we might chat in person, over the phone or Skype – whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you right now. Maybe you would like for me to speak to your Church Staff in customizing my materials for them to do a much better job in their ministry role? Maybe you want your congregation or community to hear about God healing them of their sexual hurts or habits by having me speak at a Men's Retreat, Women's Meeting, or a church-wide event? Maybe you need me to speak at your Conference as a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Presenter in adding biblical insight into topics that are rarely talked about? Refer me to your pastor, counseling staff, family or church member, neighbor, college roommate, colleague or personal friend who will benefit from this site - or my book.

Let’s set up a time to talk on the telephone, via Skype or in person about how God can heal your hurt.

Dr. Sam Serio
Atlanta, GA
President of Healing Sexual Hurt

Sexual experiences create emotional memories which have biblical solutions.


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    About us

    Most counselors, speakers or organizations happen to specialize in only one particular topic above. I happen to specialize in all types of sexual hurt, injustice, pain, trauma, memories - not just in one area. (more)

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