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Healing Sexual Hurt
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Healing for Men Who Struggle with Porn

God is the LEAST surprised about your Porn – He isn’t shocked and pointing His finger at you in disgust.  He knows how weakened or addicted men can become when it comes to women, especially naked ones. God is not a prude; He’s the one who created male and female in the first place. He knows how Adam and Eve were originally tempted by their eyeballs and how that story hasn’t changed one bit in history. God speaks often about the struggles that men will typically and easily have with lusting in our hearts. God is definitely not distant from you when it comes to finally admitting you might have a porn problem.  He knows about the sin that can so easily entangle us and that’s what porn does in enslaving us in life.  He’s quite approachable. While He doesn’t approve of it, He’s not pretending that it’s beyond His help.  The opposite sex can be so appealing or seductive, tempting us to do things we never thought possible.  Maybe your viewing habits have become lifestyle addictions where you’re trying to imitate or duplicate what you see and you’ve committed crimes against innocent people or children as a result of your porn. He included lots of stories about lots of men who just couldn’t get enough of all these beautiful women. So, He knows how easy it is to give in and give up, especially when it comes to sexual temptation in life…  You can come and tell Him about it since He already knows what your family doesn’t yet know about.  God knows all your private websites, sexting, videos, magazines, clubs and your browsing history as well.  Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s something you can handle on your own.  It’s gotten out of control to the point where other parts of your life or marriage are now affected by what you see…

God is the MOST helpful when it comes to porn – Just like there is no temptation which repels Him, there is also no addiction which limits Him. What started off as seemingly harmless adolescent giggles has possibly become far darker and deeper. That’s the way it is with anything and everything in life. We’ve inherited a nature that is thoroughly fascinated with the forbidden. What once gave us kicks is now giving us kickbacks. Habits are like soft beds – easy to get into but hard to get out of! God is quite aware how powerful addictions can become. He talks about it, a lot. We don’t do the things we know we should do. We do the things we know we shouldn’t. There is a struggle going on inside us, all the time. There seems to be two competing forces. You try stopping but find yourself falling back into the same habits as you break the promises you made. Porn is especially powerful since a picture really is worth a thousand words; you’re in over your head. That’s where God steps in. This is what He does best. Jesus came to set people free from our sin, temptations and addictions. That’s what He said He would do in His very first sermon on earth. He said that He’s come to set us free. Porn is actually not a sexual problem; it’s ultimately a selfish problem which needs a spiritual solution.   God, better than any therapist or self-help book, specializes in changing selfish people to be different.  He changes us to be givers and not takers – to be selfless and not selfish – that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. Porn makes you think only about yourself and your own fantasy world which isn’t real. God gives you His amazing grace to face reality, not fantasy. He will give you a spiritual victory over this sexual addiction. You can and will be transformed by the renewing of your mindset and your memories. Whatever things are good and pure and noble and upright, He will help you think on these things.  If you allow, I’d like to help you start that journey and help you regain that joy you used to have…

God wants to give you a brand new view towards women  – This is part of the healing He gives. They were created for God and not for men. Women are not objects for men to forcibly abuse but they are for God to spiritually use.  That is one of the first lessons to be learned as you attempt to extricate yourself from this lifestyle of looking. They don’t exist to give you pleasure but they exist to give God pleasure and glory. It’s not about us; it’s all about Him. From Him and through Him and to Him are all things. That includes men and women - and that’s a new way of thinking towards women you’ve never learned. Women are to be treated with purity, dignity, gentility, and equality. That’s how Jesus treated women.  In a culture which treated women as second-class and subordinate, He puts them in a first class seat. Porn portrays women as sex-crazed or submissive servants who exist to pleasure a man at his command. We’re instead given the example of Mary who said, upon hearing of God’s plan for her life: “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be done to me just as God said.” Our bodies are meant for noble purposes.

God wants to give you a brand new view towards marriage – Faithfulness has to replace fantasy now. The only breasts you are to view and embrace are those of your wife, who freely offers herself to you. The women you’ve seen are airbrushed without blemish; your wife can’t possibly compete with them. If your marriage is to survive, your porn has to go. God wants your marriage bed to be pure and undefiled. Entering the marriage bed with pictures can do just as much harm as entering it with previous partners.  We can become impure by what we’ve seen and not only by what we’ve done. God wants you to be still enthusiastic about the wife of your youth and to be captivated by her body and her body alone. Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 

God wants to give you a brand new view towards life -  The big O is no longer living for your orgasm; rather, it’s going to be oneness - not only with your wife but with your God. That’s very important. You’ve been thinking of yourself far too long. You’ve spent your life looking; now, it’s time to start loving. What you see is fading away; what you don’t see is what matters most. Begin to see the unseen world which is even more real than the one you’ve seen in porn. Let your eyeballs absorb God’s Word and not women. It’s a new way of looking at life. See the eternal priorities and not just the physical superficialities.  You’ve looked only at the outward but God looks instead at the heart. Appreciate what He appreciates. Heart size replaces cup size in your new way of prioritizing. Integrity is more important than beauty. Maybe it’s time to start worshipping the Creator instead of the creature. Feed your soul, not just your flesh. Fix your eyes on Jesus, not the porn. You’re not trapped into this world; a much better one awaits you. You’re wise to know that you’ve been given another chance to love again.

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God knows how easy it is to give in and to give up - especially when it comes to a man's visual and sexual temptations...

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