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Healing Sexual Hurt
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Confidential Counseling

If you are interested in taking that first step in healing your sexual hurt, here is the place to begin… Maybe you’ve never told anyone or maybe you told people who didn’t believe you or support you? Maybe you’ve felt too embarrassed to share the details of what was done to you? Maybe you feel too ashamed to share what you’ve done but you need to get it off your chest? Maybe you’re still wondering if you were responsible for what happened and need to talk about it? Maybe you feel like your life is out of control and need some help? Maybe you have flashbacks and memories that come out of nowhere, leaving you depressed for days or angry at people? Maybe you need some wise advice in learning how to cope, grieve, forgive or love? Maybe you’re having marriage problems, health issues or relationship bumps as a result of your pain? Maybe you told people who made you feel worse?

Maybe you know someone else who would benefit from some confidential and customized counseling? Do you have a friend, classmate, colleague, or family member that would benefit from your purchasing some counseling time for them? It would be the most life-changing gift you could ever give to them.

I am compassionate and competent, warm and wise when it comes to understanding your sexual hurts. This is my specialty. I won’t be shocked and you won’t be disappointed. You’ve already kept this secret long enough. You’re not alone and you need someone to finally talk to. You need someone who gets it and who has helped others to cope with the same experience or temptation in their life. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who will help you heal? Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who would help you find your strength in God since you’re fresh out of ideas and energy at this point in your life? You’ve rewound and repeated this event over and over - let’s try something new. Contact me. Let’s get started.

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    Most counselors, speakers or organizations happen to specialize in only one particular topic above. I happen to specialize in all types of sexual hurt, injustice, pain, trauma, memories - not just in one area. (more)

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