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Healing Sexual Hurt
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For Ministry Leaders

The Professional Resource for Ministry Leaders Who Want to Help People With Sexual Hurts & Habits

Learn how to give Practical and Biblical Help to People Who Struggle With the Effects of Pornography, Abortion, Sexual Assault and Rape, Casual Sex, A Sexless Marriage, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and LGBT/Same Sex Attraction.

The topic of sex is explosive and divisive. As a result, church leaders have usually been silent or selective, naive or negative, too hard or too easy. When it comes to touchy sexual topics from the pulpit or sexual support groups within the church, we haven’t done the best job in communicating the truth that God is the wisest expert on any and all sexual topics. He is the One who created you male or female. He talks a lot about sex in the Scriptures. He knows how beautiful yet dangerous it can be. He knows how we hurt and how we hurt others. He gives victory over all of our temptations and He heals all of our wounds - - even sexual ones! This website teaches you how to better minister to people who silently suffer from other's sexual misbehavior or from their own. You'll learn how to set the captives free and how to mend broken hearts. Word will get around that you are someone who understands their struggle while giving hope to people who are emotionally and sexually hurt.

This website will equip you to be more careful, competent and compassionate with people who are suffering from or struggling with: Pornography, Abortion, a Sexless Marriage, Sexual Assault/Rape, Casual Sex Lifestyle, Childhood Sexual Abuse, or Gender Identity/Same Sex Attraction. You’ll see practical advice, biblical materials, and helpful ministries on all seven of these topics. You’ll learn what to say to singles or seniors, boys or girls, and women or men who struggle with very painful emotions or very powerful addictions. There is no depth of emotional pain or sexual sin that is too difficult for God. He provides every kind of grace you need.

Church leaders should be the least surprised and the most helpful in restoring sexually wounded people. God has included a wide variety of sexual stories, damaged emotions, painful consequences and violent behaviors in the Bible. He's also included some very erotic and sensual language there, as well. He knows how you can handle your feelings of anger, guilt, fear, bitterness, rage, depression, betrayal, helplessness, confusion, humiliation, degradation, desire and sexual temptation. He will show you how to help you eventually extend forgiveness towards others and how you can even forgive yourself. Whenever and however you need to heal, He has the solution.  

The world knows the problem but not the solution.

The church knows the solution but not the problem. 

Hopefully, no longer….

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    Most counselors, speakers or organizations happen to specialize in only one particular topic above. I happen to specialize in all types of sexual hurt, injustice, pain, trauma, memories - not just in one area. (more)

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