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Healing Sexual Hurt
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Teaching/Counseling for Casual Sexual Activity

Who's In Your Pews?

"Condom Kids” is an accurate description of our current generation who has been trained to trust in them as our national savior. In our culture today, “getting married” is not as important today as “getting protection”. “When you have sex” is not as important today as “how you have sex”. “Who you have sex with” is not as important today as “what you have sex with”. Church leaders have our work cut out for us, in this area.

  • The teens in your front seats at church on Sunday might have been in the back seat of the car last night. Maybe a young lady and man from the Church Singles Group went a lot further than they planned to go.
  • Fear and guilt are the two main weapons the church uses in this battle - yet those who did partake didn’t feel guilty at all nor did they experience any immediate consequences. Please remember that the Bible never gives sexually transmitted diseases as THE reason for abstinence; obedience is that reason.

How Do They Feel? 

  • Relieved that they’re not a virgin anymore. Peer pressure is huge; they now fit in like everyone else.
  • Relaxed because sex was a physical high and pain killer that helped them temporarily forget about life.
  • Loved because their parents were too busy at home to give them the attention they finally did receive. 
  • We have a new generation of shallow, superficial, empty and angry people in which some of them already know deep down inside now that they have been deceived and also discarded. They want change and are ready for a more intensive education from the church about the deep issues of life.
  • Sex has been sold as a counterfeit for communication. They’ve been taught that jumping into bed is the solution to any and all problems they might be having individually or as a couple. Mature and complex communication and negotiation skills must be taught in churches to our single/teenage adults.
  • We have created a generation of liars who make promises that aren’t true. They said they would never leave, get married, be faithful, raise the child etc. Their lifestyle of making false promises needs to be replaced with a lifestyle of telling the truth, respecting the power of sex - and also the opposite sex.
  • Casual sexual activity has left a bad taste in the mouths of some but for others, it created a desire for much more. As with any addiction in life, it takes more and more to satisfy. Is it possible that our new generation of porn addicts, rapists and molesters started with an initial dose of pre-marital sex that grew and grew?

What Not To Do

  • Don’t forget that it’s so very easy to only preach negatively and hatefully on this topic of casual sex today. It takes time and wisdom to communicate a balanced message that communicates to others that you ARE approachable and will offer more a whole lot more than chastisement when they come to you for help.
  • Don’t forget your own youth and how totally tempted you were (2 Timothy 2:22). Scripture frequently acknowledges the power of sexual temptation; the entire book of Proverbs was written, mindful of that. Hopefully, that will give you more patience and perseverance as you minister to this generation now.

Scriptures To Know

  • The Life of Rahab (Joshua 2,6; Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25; Matthew 1:5). She was known to have many sexual partners, like many people today. She learned that it didn’t satisfy her soul. She put her trust in God and changed her habits. She ended up as one of the heroes in Scripture and in the lineage of Jesus!
  • The Life of Daniel (Book of Daniel; Ezekiel 14:14-20). At a young age, he is exposed to some of the strongest temptations possible, especially the finest food offered by Nebuchadnezzar. He could have easily succumbed to this physical invitation. Instead, he abstained and God rewarded him greatly.
  • The Story of Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25-35). We have a generation of Jacob’s who know exactly how to manipulate and exploit others to get whatever they want, just like he did in his dealings with people. We also have a generation of Esau’s who also give up something special for one moment of pleasure.
  • The Woman At The Well (John 4:1-42). Jesus is the friend of sinners, even sexual sinners (Luke 7:36-50). He welcomed conversation with her when the religious people of the day only shunned her. Jesus knew He alone would satisfy her thirst which wasn’t satisfied with other men and marriages. In fact, the prostitute becomes a preacher. God offers you the same invitation and will give you the same power.
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    Most counselors, speakers or organizations happen to specialize in only one particular topic above. I happen to specialize in all types of sexual hurt, injustice, pain, trauma, memories - not just in one area. (more)

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